Business Owners

As the last few years have shown, the economy and financial markets can change quickly, disrupting plans and assumptions – even threatening the very survival of an enterprise. Of course, even in the best of times, careful attention and foresight are crucial. And in today’s unmercifully competitive globalized environment, complacency is deadly.

Whether it is strategic planning, finance, restructuring, or simply recasting your Board or senior management, we have decades of experience advising business owners on how to survive and thrive in an always-changing environment.

The following two case studies illustrate how we apply our areas of expertise for business owners.

Areas of Expertise


After receiving his JD from Columbia Law School, Mr. Mantell practiced corporate, securities and real estate law for almost seven years at boutique New York firms. In later decades he performed general counsel functions at the various companies he founded, overseeing diverse transactions in private equity, venture capital, REMICs, corporate and partnership debt issuance, and single family and commercial mortgage debt. He also oversaw compliance on behalf of his NASD firm, tax structuring in diverse real estate and other partnership entities, and guided trusts and estates planning for numerous high net worth advisees. He has also acted as an arbitrator and mediator in complex commercial litigations.

These diverse experiences enable us to anticipate and advisedly frame legal issues for our clients, select and cost-effectively oversee counsel for them, and astutely avoid undue professional expenses when non-legal solutions are best. We are frequently relied upon to provide a definitive review of documentation, once it is deemed in final form by counsel for the parties involved.